Digital Nomads specialise in understanding the digital & mobile revolutions and in advising organisations on how to apply new technologies to increase efficiency.

Changing the way we work and redesigning workspaces can deliver enormous savings (estimated at £7bn across local government). Read about our skills and expertise in this area.

Ken Eastwood, Director at Digital Nomads, facilitating a session at a major local government conference. Read more about events and workshops and how we can help you implement change.

Digital Nomads also help organisations understand how social media can make them more efficient, transparent and collaborative. We can advise on strategy, technologies and train users.

  • Fife Council has embarked on an ambitious programme enabling staff to work flexibly and we recognise that management approaches and cultural change are key in supporting the transition to new ways of working. Digital Nomads have provided a key element of facilitation and training which has been very well received by managers and rated highly in terms of quality and effectiveness. Their experience, independence and practical approach have been invaluable in supporting the change required.–Jill Pritchard, Business Change Manager ‘Think Flexible’, Fife Council.

  • Digital Nomads were critical to the success of our major ‘All Change, New Horizons in Local Government’ conference, particularly introducing Chief Executives and Leaders to the benefits of Social Media and a new style of debate and challenge. A significant factor was the work that the team did in advance to create a network of Social Reporters to generate considerable interest and discussion. The day far exceeded any of our expectations.–Sue Banks, Director Improvement & Efficiency West Midlands

  • The digital agenda is at the heart of Barnsley Council’s plans for the borough, its economy, its citizens and communities, and for us as an organisation.  The directors at Digital Nomads played a key role in that when they worked for us and we have been delighted to bring them back in as independents to support us in a wide range of projects, from back office functions to citizen engagement.–Martin Cantor, Executive Officer to the Chief Executive, Barnsley MBC