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It is now a year since I officially left Local Government after over 20 years service and joined Ken Eastwood at Digital Nomads. I can’t believe how fast that year has gone.

In that time I have learned so much and been involved in some brilliant work, whilst enjoying every single minute.

Some of the things we’ve achieved in that time include:-

  • Organised a number of brilliant events
  • Production of the Maths Champions Network
  • Development and delivery of training courses for SME’s
  • Implementation of our web hosting service
  • Development of a number of WordPress websites for a range of interesting clients
  • Supporting a number of digital events
  • Facilitated ‘unconferences’ for IEWM on some really worthwhile subjects
  • Delivered training to local authority senior managers on managing a mobile workforce
  • Continued to grow the Public Sector Nomads community

The last year has been such a learning curve in terms of running a small business, whilst maintaining our ethos of working as true ‘Digital Nomads’, enabling us to work anywhere and at any time.

Some personal highlights for me include presenting and sharing my learning at one of our London events.  It had been a while since I’d done any public speaking, so this was an ideal opportunity to get back into that arena. I had forgotten what a ‘buzz’ you get from imparting your learning and sharing your experience ‘warts and all’ with people who can take some of that learning and apply it.

The trip to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was an all time favourite, not just because it was in such a wonderful setting, but in terms of finding out what’s going on globally in the mobile world.

The ‘system geek’ side of me really enjoyed implementing and configuring our cloud based CRM system in just a couple of days.  Populating it took a whole lot longer of course, but we fast tracked that with some nifty importing of data.

In amongst helping to set up the business and delivering our ‘stuff’ (is that just a northern word?) I’ve also managed to keep up with my Masters Degree, passing the last few modules (Managing Change and Innovation; Supply Chain Management; EFQM Assessor; Research Methods) so now it’s on with the dissertation ready for graduation later this year.

I have spent hours and hours reading research articles, books and case studies in support of this, and there is so much more to read.  I will shortly be approaching suitable local authorities to take part in a more in-depth case study research – watch this space!

Sadly, all this has kept me so busy that I’ve not been able to progress with my book, or spend anywhere near as much time as I would have liked with my online gaming community (apologies to my fellow members, your ‘Clan Mummy’ will be back soon!).

Oh, and as for my family….well they do know I exist, as I am that woman in the conservatory-come-office who keeps asking them to be quiet when I am on the phone/skype/webEx…

So, it’s a big thank you to Ken Eastwood for welcoming me on board the ‘Good Ship Digital Nomads’.  I can’t wait to see where she sails over the course of the next year!

I will leave you with 8 things I have learned after a year with Digital Nomads:-

  1. You can have fun and work at the same time (we always suspected this was the case…)
  2. ‘Work’ and ‘play’ can become merged where WordPress is concerned, it’s so much fun!
  3. There are small businesses out there that could REALLY benefit from going more digital. We know we could save them a lot of time and money.
  4. MailChimp can be a bit frustrating but I still love that cheeky chimp!
  5. Some of the digital systems we use have most excellent support.
  6. Our cloud based finance system is my new best friend.
  7. Business support for truly agile businesses needs a bit of a rethink by central government.
  8. We definitely don’t need business premises, but school holidays prove a challenge….




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