Public Sector Nomads is a membership organisation seeking to promote and share expertise and experience in mobile, flexible and new ways of working enabled by technology.

2020 Vision

“Public Sector Nomads will inspire a more effective, efficient and environmentally responsible public sector through innovation, thought leadership and collaboration”


“To become the foremost community for mobile and flexible working across the public sector”

The Public Sector Nomads Objectives are:

  • To champion the promotion and development of programmes and initiatives across the UK in respect of mobile and flexible working
  • To become a nationally recognised source of information, advice and guidance on all aspects of mobile, flexible and new ways of working enabled by technology
  • To better connect a national network of practitioners working in mobile and flexible working by providing an online membership forum
  • To provide access to supporting resources including toolkits, case studies and providers of expert advice and support
  • To lobby and seek to influence on behalf of the public sector over the use of new technologies and the further development of new ways of working

How did Public Sector Nomads form?

Public Sector Nomads is the successor community of practice to Project Nomad;

Project Nomad

Established in November 2003 by the then Office of the Deputy Prime Minister as one of 22 national Local e-Government projects. Project Nomad invested in proof of concept pilots to demonstrate the benefits and efficiency savings arising from mobile working. Other deliverables included providing free guidance materials and business & technology toolkits to local government in England.  Nine participating local authorities contributed to the programme and helped develop learning and resources to share with the wider local government community.

With continued local authority support and supplier sponsorship, Nomad continued as a community of practice, a source of advice and a provider of training events, conferences, seminars and road shows.

Who is Public Sector Nomads run by?

Public Sector Nomads is led by Ken Eastwood, Director of Digital Nomads Limited, former Assistant Director at Barnsley MBC and original Project Nomad board member and proof of concept lead.

The Public Sector Nomads (Scotland) community is led by Mark Baker from South Ayrshire and a core group of like-minded individuals focussing on promotion and collaboration between the 32 local councils in Scotland.

How can I contact Public Sector Nomads?

Visit the site at