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After a fabulous 21 months with Digital Nomads I have been offered a new job with Barnsley Hospice which I will hopefully be starting some time next month.

I have absolutely loved working alongside Ken at Digital Nomads, but whilst it has been fun, exciting and I’ve learned so much, I have to be honest and say that I have missed working for the public sector and have always really wanted to work for the third sector, as I feel more fulfilled personally when the work I do contributes positively to community well-being.

That isn’t to say that we haven’t always had a social conscience with Digital Nomads – we have often provided free advice and guidance with the sole purpose of helping a small business owner out, or helping a public sector worker to access information and learning which they can put to good use, and we do provide and host the Public Sector Nomads membership community completely free.

However, when this new position at the hospice came up, it felt like the role had been created with me in mind as it’s all about ensuring patients, volunteers and staff can gain maximum benefit from the use of technology across the hospice, and included in that is remote access.

So, it’s an opportunity to put into practice all the experience I have gained over my 20+ years working in Local Government, as well as the learning I have picked up with Digital Nomads whilst providing workshops for managers of remote teams, for a really worthwhile organisation.

Ken KiliThe hospice does some amazing work, and Ken and I have always been supporters of it as a charitable organisation.

When Ken climbed Kilimanjaro along with a group of people he managed to persuade/cajole along with him a couple of years ago, it was in aid of the hospice (the group raising almost £50,000 for the charity).





Laura marshalling

And here is a picture of me as a marshall for their fun run at Cannon Hall last summer (nowhere near as impressive as climbing Kilimanjaro, but with my feet I know my limitations)!

Ken is an absolute star, and is supportive of my decision – I will miss our almost daily banter!  However, he won’t get rid of me easily as I do still intend to carry on supporting Digital Nomads as an Associate, alongside my new role and am likely to be helping out behind the scenes or helping organise and deliver workshops whenever this fits around the hospice work.

So, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Ken for being such a superstar in supporting my decision, and wish all Digital Nomads clients, past, present and future all the best.  I know Ken will continue to provide a top-notch service to you all.



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