What is mobile working?

Isn’t mobile working only about technology?

Isn’t it all rather difficult to get going?

Will mobile working help me provide better services to the public?

What are the benefits of mobile working?

Are there cash efficiencies I can realise through implementing mobile working projects?

Can mobile working contribute towards my wider transformation and modernisation agenda?

If you’re wrestling with or seeking the answers to any of the above questions we can help.

Digital Nomads has a wealth of experience and specialises in guiding companies and public sector organisations through all the different aspects of mobile working.

Whether you’re about to embark on a large scale mobile and flexible working programme, or whether you are considering if mobile or flexible working can offer benefits for your business or organisation, we can provide a full service including:-

  • Advice on putting together a convincing business case
  • Engaging both management and staff through the culture change required
  • Advice and help on production of supporting policies to ensure both your business and your employees benefit
  • Provision of independent advice on the technology
  • Help with the implementation where needed, through our Associates

We take a pragmatic approach, looking at the gaps within your own organisation and filling them for you.  We know that a fully fledged mobile and flexible working programme can be complex and daunting, but we have experience of what works and what doesn’t work, and can fast track you through the process at a pace to suit your organisation.

If you know exactly what you want then tell us.  If you don’t know where to start, then tell us!  We can help.