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Purpose built social network solutions developed for organisations looking to establish an online Community of Practice where users can collaborate, share content and self-organise.

Features typically include:-

  • User profiles and messaging

  • Social login e.g. with Facebook credentials

  • Activity summary streamed across the entire site

  • Groups. An infrastructure for users to create a common space within the larger community around anything they want

  • Groups can be open, private or hidden

  • Shared upload space for groups, collaborative document editing and other features

  • Forums. Central site forum area and discussion forums associated with groups

  • Social sharing. Ability to share content with other social networks i.e. post to Facebook and Twitter etc. (If required)

  • Ability to host live chat (if required)

Features can be expanded to include blogs, full, static website pages and a whole host of other functions.

Digital Nomads were delighted to win a contract awarded by the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) to develop a Maths Champions Network as part of the high profile Maths4us initiative.

The platform is responsive and presents nicely on mobile devices.

Image of the Maths Champions Network on iPhones


Our role was to develop, within a tight timescale, a closed community platform to support collaboration amongst up to 10,000 Maths Champions.

We developed help resources including detailed FAQ’s and Video Tutorials and have advised NIACE on strategy and policy. We’re looking forward to the launch and to training NIACE and administrators.


Logo Your Community3 is designed using WordPress, BuddyPress and BBPress open source components and hosted on high performance and secure servers based in the UK.

Logo Your Community3 is mobile friendly and responsive right out of the box. Carefully designed to be functional and look good on all of the popular mobile platforms as well as commonly used, desktop browsers.

Communities can be designed to meet a variety of needs and there are many configuration options e.g. open or closed registration and pre or post moderation processes. At the design stage Digital Nomads will discuss your requirements and recommend options and solutions to best meet your needs.